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Peminat Rayu PSY Supaya Tidak Hadir Acara Di Penang

Peminat Rayu PSY Supaya Tidak Hadir Acara Di Penang

Peminat Rayu PSY Supaya Tidak Hadir Acara Di Penang

Kumpulan peminat Psy memuatkan rayuan di laman Facebook penyanyi rap Korea itu agar tidak menjadi alat politik BN dengan membuat persembahan di majlis rumah terbuka parti tersebut di Pulau Pinang.
Ramai pengguna Facebook Malaysia dikesan menyalin dan memuatkan semula rayuan berkenaan di laman berkenaan,

Ada juga yang dikesan memuatkan mesej berkenaan dalam bahasa Korea dan merayu agar Psy tidak berkunjung ke Malaysia buat masa ini.

"Jika anda memilih untuk datang ke Malaysia, anda akan menjadi alat politik BN. Ia adalah parti politik dan sangat korup dan selalu menyalahgunakan kuasa untuk menganiaya rakyat Malaysia," mesej tersebut dipetik.

Kenyataan berkenaan juga mendakwa acara tersebut dibayar dengan menggunakan wang rakyat. BN bagaimanapun semalam menjelaskan bahawa ia ditaja oleh sebuah syarikat swasta.

Mesej berkenaan juga mendakwa BN cuba mengolah pemikiran generasi muda dengan mewujudkan illusi bahawa negara ditadbir dengan baik memandangkan pilihan raya umum akan dijalankan tidak lama lagi.

"Kami tiada pilihan selain menggesa dan berharap anda akan membaca surat ini. Kami dengan ikhlas merayu demi kebajikan rakyat, tolonglah, dengar suara kami.

Berita Penuh = MalaysiaKini

Inilah Komen Peminat Terhadap laman Facebook PSY

Dear our idol PSY , we love your song and we love how Gangnam Style can rock the party, however, please choose no to come to Malaysia this time. We hope that you will not attend the celebration party held by the Barisan Nasional in Penang, Malaysia in the coming Chinese New Year. (For your information, Barisan Nasional is the current ruling party of Malaysia.) If you choose to come to Malaysia, you will become the political tool of Barisan Nasional. It is a political party which is seriously corrupted and always abuses the power to persecute the Malaysian. Barisan Nasional spends millions of the people’s money to invite you for performance, but we, the citizens are the ones who have to pay for it. The children in Sabah and Sarawak are still struggling; walking miles of road to school, and feed on the leftovers, they can not even afford to buy fresh vegetables every day. Other citizens never have enough money to live a better life, they’re forced to pay the tax which is spent arbitrarily. We are now forced to live in an utmost corrupted country, Malaysia. Our general election is around the corner. Every citizen is waiting for the chance to change the government. Now, by using any dirty methods, the Barisan Nasional is trying to brainwash the young generation and creates an illusion which the government had managed the country well. But the truth is, Malaysia's national debt is now FIVE HUNDRED BILLION!! We have no other choice but to urge and hope that you can read this letter. We sincerely beg for the sake of the people’s welfare, please, listen to our voice. We hope that you may take serious consideration regarding to this matter. Thank you.

From: Sincere and helpless Malaysians

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